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Case Study from Neuss: Affair during carnival celebrations

During the celebrations of the most recent Rose Monday, our detectives in Neuss investigated in a case of infidelity. Our female client lived together with her husband, the suspect of the case, in Ingolstadt, in Upper Bavaria, and was thus too far away to check if her spouse really was at a business meeting in Cologne that day. This is what he had told her. So far, our client did not suspected anything although her husband frequently travelled to the Rhineland. However, a business meeting in Cologne on the main day, the highlight, of German "Karneval"? On the most important, unofficial holiday of the city, when the entire business world usually comes to a halt? This, indeed, raised her suspicion. The hotel which her husband was supposed to live in during that time was close to his employer's office, in the Western part of Düsseldorf, not far from Neuss. So, our client from Ingolstadt commissioned our detective agency in Neuss to monitor her partner on that specific Monday.

Suspect not to be found | The detectives' local knowledge is crucial

After an early arrival of our two detectives at the hotel, they started the investigation with the search for the target vehicle. However, it could not be found anywhere – neither on the hotel car park nor in the closer surroundings – which is why it seemed questionable if the target person was actually there. Our client didn't know what else was on her husband's schedule that day, he had not told her. Hence, the operation was nearly bound to fail at this early stage since it seemed near impossible to locate the target person, in the first place. After further discussions with our client, our private detectives in Neuss decided to remain at the hotel in order to see if they could identify the spouse upon leaving or entering the premises.


In the meantime, our client was asked to do a little investigation on her own by casually asking the target person where he was up to and what his plans for the rest of the day were. It took a while for the suspect to send a reply via WhatsApp, plus he still did not share much information, but he did send a photo to our client which was a crucial indication of his whereabouts – thanks to the local knowledge of our detectives. The photo showed a section of a dining table with a loaded breakfast plate and the interior of the restaurant in the background. Since one of the two investigators had been at this restaurant several times in the past, he recognised the place in the photo immediately: It was the Cafe del Sol, located on the west bank of the Rhine, and only a few minutes’ drive away from the hotel.

Female company at carnival in Neuss-Holzheim | Detectives disguised as carnival revellers

When the first detective of our private detective agency in Neuss turned into the street where the Cafe del Sol is located, the target vehicle came towards him and turned into another direction, the one from which the second detective was travelling. Immediately, detective number one informed detective number two of these circumstances and detective number two turned around his car, letting the target person pass, and finally followed him, keeping his colleague constantly up to date about their whereabouts and direction of travel. The drive was no longer than 15 minutes and the final destination was a family home in the Northern region of Neuss, where the suspect parked his vehicle. The target person left the vehicle from the driver's seat and an unknown female person left the vehicle from the passenger seat, she was in her late thirties. With her own keys, the lady entered the house, followed by our client's spouse.


About an hour later – the second detective had already arrived at the scene a while ago – a cab came to a halt in front of the house. A moment later the suspected spouse and his female company left the building and got into the cab, wearing colourful carnival costumes. The drive lead us through the inner city to Neuss-Holzheim where, by tradition, the Parade on Rose Monday starts at exactly 11.11 a.m. The target persons left the cab and mingled with the crowd of carnival revellers. Since our detective team from Neuss had expected this to happen during a surveillance on Rose Monday, they were prepared. They had brought their own costumes which they put on while waiting at a number of red lights, something which allowed them to continue the operation and remain undetected in the process.

Carnival; private detective Neuss, corporate investigator Neuss, investigation company Neuss
Surveillance in a large crowd of people can be a curse, but also a blessing. In the present case, the lack of attention and minimal movement of our suspects, as well as the costumes of our detectives, allowed for an inconspicuous surveillance.

Exchange of affections during the happy celebrations

The Rose Monday celebrations in Neuss don't see as much alcohol as those in Düsseldorf or Cologne. They are more a family occasion and more civilised, in general. The main reason for this might be the fact the population of Neuss has their main celebrations on Kappessonntag, the day before Rose Monday. The target persons, too, had only a small bottle of sparkling wine at the beginning of the event. The two were mainly standing together, singing, swaying to and fro, and talking. More importantly for our private detectives in Neuss: Every now and then, the two would caress each other, with a kiss on the cheek, the nose, and the lips. 


After the parade, the celebrations continued at the Holzheimer Mehrzweckhalle. Here, our client's spouse and his female friend consumed much larger quantities of alcoholic beverages over the course of a few hours, something which showed in their increasingly playful behaviour. They caressed each other more often and one could hear the occasional "Get a room!". At a later point in the evening, the two did, in fact, disappear together in the ladies’ room and, of course, our two male detectives in Neuss could not follow them. Since the two target persons, however, merely stayed in there for three minutes, we can assume that no sexual intercourse happened. Either way, there was no doubt that our client's spouse was having an affair. Last but not least, our client wished to know if her husband would also spend the night with the unknown woman. Since the suspect and his lady companion returned to the above-mentioned premises in the North of Neuss with a somewhat unsteady step and did not leave their room before the end of our investigation at midnight, this question could be answered with great certainty. This also explains why our detectives were not able to find the target person at the hotel, that morning.   

In the end, an easy case for our experienced detectives

It can, by no means, be assumed that a clear evidence of marital infidelity can be gathered on the first day of the operation. The public display of affections on Rose Monday, in this case, however, offered us some prime circumstances for a fast operation. To speak of a customer satisfaction in such a case (of adultery) is obviously extremely insensitive, and yet, our client from Ingolstadt was grateful for the quick help provided by our private investigators in Neuss.

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Neuss, Germany


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