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Can you trust your employees or do you suspect that they are claiming false expenses, that they are in touch with the competition or are betraying you with fraudulent sick leave? Are sure that your partner is faithful or are you afraid that they might be having an affair? Is your ex-partner saying the truth in their income statements or are they trying to gain an unfair advantage? On your behalf, our IHK-certified corporate and private detectives in Hilden solve questions like these, and many more of the kind: +49 211 9874 0021.


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Effective solutions thanks to our private detective agency in Hilden

Located between Düsseldorf, Cologne and Wuppertal, and bordering at the Bergisches Land, Hilden counts 54,737 (2013) inhabitants and our team of the Kurtz Detective Agency operates on behalf of these city dwellers as well as others. Private and sensitive issues challenge our clients to an extent that they can no longer handle them by themselves – and they don't need to. Our detective agency will support you. These cases may include marital infidelity, domestic violence, disagreements regarding child support and/or alimony, custody battles, stalking, and threat.


Our well-trained detectives solve cases professionally, providing excellent evidence and high value as witnesses thanks to their objective approach. You may, for example, suspect your ex-partner of gaining an unfair advantage by not telling the truth in their income statements, and you suspected them, specifically, of working in another job so as to keep greater financial sums to themselves. Now, if you were to monitor your ex-partner on your own, your findings would be of minor relevance in court because you are personally affected and, thus, have a subjective approach to the case. Also, without the necessary expertise in monitoring suspects, you may be easily discovered, leaving aside the fact that the suspect knows you and your vehicle. That is why hiring our experienced and professional detectives in Hilden to solve the case would be a better choice. We document our findings in written form and provide photographs if possible, with due regard to legal guidelines, which will provide you with the necessary legal evidence should you decide to take further actions. For a non-binding interview, do not hesitate to make use of our contact form or give us a call.    

Town Hall Hilden; detective agency Hilden, private investigator Hilden, corporate detective Hilden
Town Hall Hilden: Services of our detectives also include researching data stored with the authorities.

Professional support through our corporate detective agency in Hilden

Until the middle of the 20th century, agriculture and the manufacturing industries were the main pillars of Hilden's economy. Today, both have vanished nearly entirely from the city's economic landscape, only 3M Deutschland, Akzo Nobel, Wincor Nixdorf, ASK Chemicals and SMS Siemag, and their plants have survived the structural changes. Since 1980, the service sector, technology, logistics, and transport companies have supported the economy of Hilden. Small and medium-sized businesses shape the cityscape and especially the latter are the most frequent clients of our corporate detectives in Hilden.


In 2013, Hilden counted 20,098 employees that were subject to social insurances, and the unemployment rate of 6.5 % was lying under the average of the district capital Mettmann (7.3 %) and under that of North-Rhine Westphalia (8.3 %). Competitors and disloyal employees, unfortunately, are the main offenders against local businesses, causing significant financial damage. In 2013, Hilden registered 1,210 crimes against property and fraud, a great number of which damages local companies, especially financially. Small and medium-sized businesses, specifically, often don't understand that they, too, are interesting targets for offenders. But barely any business is safe from data theft, warehouse and cargo crime, bribery, sabotage, and espionage.


Our certified team at the detective agency in Hilden can help. We don't only operate after a crime is committed but also support companies to implement preventive measures in order to protect their assets and to minimise the risks, in the first place. We will gladly advise you, too, on our security arrangements and on our range of investigation methods: +49 211 9874 0021.    

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Hilden; private detective Hilden, investigation firm Hilden, corporate investigator Hilden
Old town Hilden, Germany


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